LAC Virtual Meetups (OL001)

Welcome to the first LAC Virtual Meetup on July 31, 2020. This event aims to bring together all LAC Members and enable the community to share their knowledge, experience and feedback. The way we live, work, connect, teach, but most importantly, the way we learn, has been rapidly altered to fit the new reality. Data and quality insights play a key part of the decision making process and we would like to showcase some of the best examples from within the LAC ecosystem. We have a line up of fantastic presenters from our member Schools - NIST International School, Vienna International School and International School of Beijing. We will cover a range of topics where these LAC schools will share their case studies, engine use and implementations. Each session will include time for Q&A at the end where participants can contribute and interact with our presenters.
  • 1st Virtual Meetup - 31st July 2020
  • Session 1 - Jay NIST
  • NIST LAC Technical Tips
  • Session 2 - Ruth ISB
  • High-Quality Assessments and Living your Mission
  • Session 3 - Ben VIS
  • Class Mixing and Handover Procedures for LAC Schools
  • Class Placement Engine Webinar
  • Session 4 - Piotr LAC
  • 2nd Virtual Meetup - 26th September 2020
  • Session 1 - Leveraging high quality data visualisation
  • Session 2 - Playing with Data ISSPs journey with LAC
  • Session 2 resource - Playing with Data - ISPPs journey with the LAC slidedeck
  • Session 2 resource - ISPP - WS Protocols for Data Analysis 2020
  • Session 3 - Establishing Foundations for Use of data
  • Session 3 resource - Establishing foundations for Use of data
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed